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Weight Loss At Boot Camp Gold Coast

boot camp gold coastWeight loss is serious business at Bootcamp Gold Coast. You only need to look closer to see that. It’s really more than just putting together a series of workouts, gathering people and making them do it. Everything that you will experience at this bootcamp are all backed by research, training, and experience.

So, what exactly should you expect from Boot camp Gold Coast? For one, there’s going to be some really tight, high intensity interval training that’s guaranteed, not only to burn those excess calories down, but will also give you the shape that you’ve been trying to achieve for so long.

High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, are exercises done in bouts of 10-60 seconds and at the highest level of energy, alternating with low intensity workouts; sometimes, the intervals are actually at total rest.

The effectiveness of high intensity interval training lies in how it brings up a person’s metabolism and heart rate fast and how it keeps it there even after the workout is long done. In effect, it continues to burn calories hours after you’ve ceased activity; your metabolism remains active for as long as 24 hours.

One of the best things about HIIT is that you accomplish more with shorter amount of time than when you do the usual workout programs. You only need to do about 20-25 minutes of HIIT and you burn as much calories, or even more, doing your regular routines.

High intensity workouts simply burn more calories than low intensity exercises.

To help along our members in achieving their fitness goals of great body, great health and great condition, we had our very own nutritionist, Rachel Jones, who also happens to be among Sydney’s roster of leading nutritionists, put together a nutrition plan that is not only healthy, it teaches you how to make the right, healthy choices in food.

On top of that, all our members are provided with a free copy of Weight Loss Secrets Exposed written by Dangerously fit’s founder and fitness expert, Dan Clay. In it, you learn the many things essential in boosting your weight loss.

Here are some of those weight loss activities that we do at Bootcamp Gold Coast to help you lose weight:

1.Do Weight Training

You’ll burn more calories when you do weight training and build up muscles. Deadlifts and squats are just a couple of the best exercises that get you those muscles. When you add up on the muscle mass, you’re also bringing up your metabolism rate. When you have them, you actually burn calories even as you sleep.

2. Do total body workouts

Train every muscle of that body to adapt to the workouts and reap the results that you’ve hoped to get.

3. Do Supersets

Supersets is basically putting two sets of exercises together without rests in between. The beauty of supersets is not only that it breaks the boring drone of workout sessions, it also increases the intensity of your exercises, which, in turn, gets rid of those fats more.

4. Do Large Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that make use of more than just one muscle group. Considered more effective than isolation and weight training exercises can build more muscles in a shorter amount of time; this will get your metabolism going.

5. Use Free Weights And Cables

One thing promoted in outdoor fitness programs is the avoidance of machines and equipment that inhibit, more than help, a person in achieving his fitness goal.

Bootcamp Gold Coast will make use of battling ropes, kettle bells and more equipment that still allows a vast range of motion and movement for the body and target many muscles.

6. Do Strength Training Before Your Cardio sets

Strength training will increase your lean muscle tissue, allowing you to lift or perform much better afterwards. You already know from the previous paragraphs that the more muscles that you build, the more calories you burn. And since you will do cardio training, you will be able to shed more of the unwanted fats.

7. Forget the Fat Burning Zone

Although low intensity exercises burn calories, they don’t burn as much as when you do high intensity workouts.

Total body workouts, weight training, supersets and compound exercises are all going to be part of Bootcamp Gold Coast group personal training in one way or another. Our personal trainers will be there to make sure that you perform these exercises carefully and correctly.

Weight loss has never been this exciting! Sign up for our Bootcamp Gold Coast and achieve for yourself an amazing body.