Discover the most powerful ways to communicate to large groups so you can train camps single handedly… with ease!

Find out how to cater for different fitness levels and how to control your group at all times… including problem clients – so your workouts are fun for everyone!

Learn how to motivate your clients with the use of linguistics, body language and posture so you get the best out of your members and keep them coming back for more.

Watch how we use kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX’s, sandbags, battling ropes, bodyweight exercises and how to utilise the environment to create super-effective fun workouts that will bring you a heap of referrals from satisfied members.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

We’ll show you the cues to use to correct form as quickly and safely as possible so your members perform the exercises with perfect technique without holding up other members of the group.

A two hour workshop led by professional kickboxing instructors showing you proper technique and how to run your own boxing and kickboxing classes.

Get the exact Dangerously Fit Boot Camp blueprint of how to design bootcamp workouts so you’re not just throwing a bunch of exercises together, the results these workouts will get your clients is PRICELESS!

Because we only accept two students per month you will have tonnes of individual attention including your very own Dangerously Fit Boot Camp instructor mentoring you every step of the way coaching you step by step on your journey.

You will be provided an unbranded copy of the liability forms, registration forms, monthly assessments, OHS, waivers and any other paperwork that comes with running a boot camp business – this took me years to gather, systemize, perfect and is worth the price of the program alone.

Instead of sitting in a classroom reading books… get the experience, knowledge and confidence that can only come from teaching Real people ‘in the field‘…. So can start your bootcamp career right away!

Week One: Commence Training At Dangerously Fit Bootcamp

* Introduction: An explanation of Dangerously Fit’s methods, systems and philosophies.

* Participate: A good bootcamp instructor knows how hard to push their members and how to motivate them during a workout, the quickest and easiest way to learn this skill is to walk in their shoes and learn first hand by experiencing it.

* Exercise Execution: Your mentor will be analysing your exercise technique to help correct your form before you begin assisting in week two.

* Build Rapport: You’ll also be interacting directly within the group which will allow everyone to get to know you.

Week Two: Cool Down & Stretch

* Cool Down & Stretch: Here we will cover a whole body stretching routine that can be performed individually and with a partner.

Cross Training Fundamentals: You will be shown how to use sandbags, kettlebells, battling ropes and other boot camp tools.

Exercise Selection: There are certain “Movement Patterns” that need to be included within every workout, here you’ll learn the fundamentals and how to coach these exercises.

* Cues: Many people can perform these exercises correctly themselves, but few can coach others to use the correct form… fast. We’ll show you all the cues we use to correct our members in the shortest amount of time possible.

Week Three: Warm Up & Physical Preparation

Here we show you the exact dynamic warm up, physical preparation methods and bodyweight exercises we use. It’s important to use the correct progressions and variations of exercises to prepare members and to minimise risk of injury.

* Cool down and stretch: Your first taste of instructing the group will be during the cool down where you will take the group through a full body stretching session.

* Warm up and physical preparation: Then you will learn how create effective warm ups that best prepare the body for training and minimise risk of injury. Then demonstrate the warm ups in the boot camp with Dangerously Fit members.

* Assisting the head instructor: You will begin assisting the head instructor in the camp, your mentor will be assessing your coaching skills and giving you valuable feedback on how to improve before you begin instructing in week 4.

* Dangerously Fit Program Design: We’ll show you the exact training system we use to that get’s our members into killer shape in minimal time. Once you begin using these workouts with your clients you’ll watch them make dramatic improvements – fast!

Week Four: Putting it ALL Together

* Workout D.E.P (Demonstrate – Explain – Practice): Now we begin putting everything you learned into practice. This will be the first time you’ll be demonstrating exercises to the group… your mentor will work with you to enhance your teaching skills.

* Final assessment:

During the 4 week training course you will be in the field coaching and training, your mentor is there to help coach and guide you every step of the way.